Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Only a chick...

I had cause to do a little in-depth forum searching today, and by chance came across a reference to my plane reviews on the Aussie forum. A chick! Hah! That's hilarious. No-one's ever referred to me as a "chick" before. I'll take that as a compliment. Gotta love those real neanderthals down under, eh? If he'd just left off the "only"... Anyway, for the record, it was the low angle smoother that had limited room between the iron and the rear tote and the latter's going to be moved back in future castings to solve the problem. So there :~P The issue of the tote though; I stand behind that 100%. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours flattening the old aircraft carrier. Er, that is the workbench. Funny how it's always too small when you're using it, but expands when it comes to planing the top of it... Anyway I used the BUPP* with the slightly modified Mk2 rear tote.

It needs more modification.

The web area of my right hand was red and sore, and it's still sore today (along with every other muscle in my body, apparently...) No way will I ever be persuaded those handles are comfortable. Shame too, 'cos the plane itself is the bee's knees. Found I had to sharpen the iron quite a bit though. Funny, the longer it took, the quicker it seemed to get harder to push and the more frequently I felt the need to stop and hone... A few perspiration-in-progress pics if you click on the pic:

I've also largely finished mucking about shuffling the workshop around, but a proper tour will have to wait a bit until I can stand up straight again. Oh, and the delivery from British Hardwoods is definitely maybe coming on Thursday. Huzzah!

Ah yes, and it's been brought to my attention that non-UK readers may have been mildly puzzled by yesterday's post. There's some sort of election thingy going on here in Blighty; should all be over bar the shouting on May 5th - can't wait...

*Bevel Up Panel Plane. What Lee Valley will insist on calling a low angle jack plane. Tsk, these colonials, eh?

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  1. 's funny... I can use my 62 allllll day... never so much as a hint of tenderness... guess ya gets whatchya pays for..



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