Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Picture Post

So, didn't believe me I suppose? Well ya-boo; we have piccies. Rather than link to the album page as usual I thought I'd go straight to the first new pic, and you can creep up on the dry-fit picture all gradual like. What a showman, eh? You might notice image 052.jpg is missing; for some reason I forgot a completed-tenon-just-about-to-be-inserted-into-mortise-with-precise
-pistonlike-fit shot, so I'll remedy that when I finish off the remaining four stretchers.

Edit: All present and correct now, plus two more thus fouling up my numbering system. D'oh.


  1. Looking Good!
    The Rat is awfully useful, isn't it? And that cherry looks tasty-what finish are you going for?
    Glad to see you haven't lost the art of the "Tool Gloat" when taking pictures-keep up the good work!;)

  2. Yes, I was rather pleased with the shoulder plane peeking in there... ;~)

    Finish will probably be shellac. I'd Patina the top but there's a minor issue with the coffee table and I've yet to clear Patina's name from the list of possible suspects, so I'm leary of using it again until I do.

  3. Hi Alf,
    Its looking very good! Pleased to see that you are giving the 'Rat a good workout.
    Your project looks to be a worthy contender for my WoodRat gallery when finished!
    Cherry is my favpurite wood.


  4. Aha! Some sort of secret society, eh?

    Well, you can hide but you can't run!

    Visited Cornish Workshop to avail myself of your tool dealer list and spotted the blog link for the first time and... here we are :).

    Don't know where you find the time for all this, Alf. Thousands of posts to UK Workshop, all those reviews, and blogging too. Makes me feel downright lazy!

    The shame of it might just force me into the workshop tomorrow. In the meantime, back to the dealer list in pursuit of the elusive ripsaw.

  5. Dammit, there's more of 'em! Is nowhere safe? :~)

    Pete, rip saw, eh? Any particular requirements? Might be able to help. PM me on the forum if you're interested.


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