Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sore and saw

Sorry, no Blogging yesterday. I was lying in an exhausted heap having planed up the top/s of the tables. I didn't feel quite equal to the task of cutting the tenons in the stretchers, and bitter experience has shown if i don't feel set to do something, best not to do it. So instead I was up to my knees in shavings of one sort or another, blessing the wax on the plane soles, and generally having a ball. Not so very long ago I wouldn't have been able to even attempt this, never mind succeed, so embryonic neanderthals take heart! It'll all click in the end and you too can bore people to death by showing them your shavings collection...

I was also hampered in my typing by a parrot with a very urgent need to be on my knee and have his head scratched. Poor fellow; there's a whole heap of new feathers coming through on the back of his neck and you can just tell the itchiness is driving him crazy. I tried repeatedly prising him off and suggesting he might like a bath instead, but he was having none of it, so I gave up. Lengthy preening ensued, halted only by the other parrot getting jealous and taking a bite out of my finger. Now that really does hamper the typing... [Ouch]

Then this morning I pottered of to a car boot sale and - wait for it - found something! A roll of auger bits in excellent condition (for which I paid too much), and a Disston D8 26" 8tpi c.1942-50 in pretty clean condition (for which I paid too little). For the second week in a row I resisted a hand-cranked bench drill and a super little WS Manufacturing Ltd. smoother. All in all a score draw I think. There were a couple of old geezers looking at the saw seller's stall who expressed regret that they hadn't seen the Disston first, which gave me a nice warm glow. 'Specially as I haggled a bit off the price to boot. Mwahahahahahahaaaaaa.... ]:~) Evidently the SS felt the grief engendered by this and sought to tell me he'd had a set of Disston cross-cut, rip and panel saws with a Disston saw vice last year. I tried to show I felt bad that I'd missed them, but heck, I can make a saw vice so I wasn't that upset ;~) Ahh, I love the smell of rust in the morning...

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