Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Beginner's luck

Once more I surprise myself; instead of just saying I must do another practice dovetail joint soon - I actually did!

The fact I wish I hadn't is another matter.

It has not come out as well as the first, and I'm somewhat downcast. Not much, but a bit. Down-ish-cast, if you will. I over shot the gauged line not once, not twice, but - argh - three times! Damn, blast and bugger. :~[ Did better with the saw though, thus confirming my suspicion that it was my ineptness that was the trouble. That is I did better sawing the tail sides sloping to the right, but atrocious results with the cuts sloping to the left. I'm evidently not sinister enough... Anyway, you'll notice I've not taken a picture of the latest one. Erm, I forgot to take the camera down to the workshop. Yeah, that's right. That's what happened...

I've also finally got round to creating a map to go with my list of old tool dealers; it suddenly dawned on me that the current "Frapper" craze was ideal for the job. Here 'tis. It only looks like I live within spitting distance of dozens of rust emporia - it's not really true.

Heigh ho. Better have a shot at this 45 degree thing then - the Alf-ettes have spoken. ;~)

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