Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My head goes Thud!

Ack, if there's one thing I hate, it's being ill and then getting some other thing before you've recovered from the last one. Viz: I have meandered slowly from backache, to nausea and now I seem to have an extremely irritating cold. If I lie down to ease my back and/or headache (did I mention the headache?) then my head feels like it's slowly filling with potato soup and I can't breathe. So I sit up, the potato soup flows away a little, I can breathe and, what's this? Well, well, my back and/or head aches and I feel sick. Sometimes I feel sick when I'm lying down too, to be fair. Grrr... Anyway, that's why the Blogging dropped off again; hard to see what to type at the moment (streaming eyes from the cold you see. And you don't want to be in the vicinity when I sneeze; the slates on the roof rattle...)

Anyway, while I've been silent Dickens gave way to the latest Discworld book "Thud!". And very good it is too, almost as good in parts as say "Jingo" or "Small Gods" in holding up a mirror to this world and showing how ridiculous so much of it is. Of course my enjoyment is always going to be greatly helped by it being centered around my favourite character, Sam Vimes. For any Discworld afficianados reading this who may also go in for imaginary casting, how does Ken Stott (Messiah, The Vice etc) strike you as a "Vimes"? Despite being totally wrong in height and shape, I'm sure he'd convey the pent up rage brilliantly. But I digress. Between sneezes, Thud! has got me searching round t'net looking for info on the game of the same name (yes, there is one). Strikes me it'd be damn good fun making a board and carving the pieces (look ma, woodworking content!), but you can't officially get the rules on how to play it without stumping up 30-odd quid for a set - rather removing the impetus to make one. Thanks to Google and some deviousness though, I think I've just about managed to rustle up enough of the gist to play it. Whether I have the nous to play it is another matter... While in Discworld mode (which overtakes me big time on an annual basis, every time a new book is published. Luckily I hadn't started Blogging this time last year), I did the Which Discworld Character Are You? quiz. Alas, and most unlikely too, it seems Captain Carrot is the answer. However at least it's a fairly balanced outcome, with the niceness of Carrot being off-set with a healthy dose of Vimes and a side order of the cowardly Rincewind. Viz:

75% Carrot Ironfounderson

69% Commander Samuel Vimes

56% Rincewind

50% Cohen The Barbarian

50% Gytha (Nanny) Ogg

44% Death

44% Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax

44% Lord Havelock Vetinari

44% The Librarian

19% Greebo

The presence of even 19% Greebo is a bit of a worry though...

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