Friday, December 15, 2006


You know I wondered yesterday about hidden cameras? Well call me Truman Burbank - at least that's what it feels like. I've got one article already "on the spike" and another one I'm working on, and would you believe both subjects have popped up on various forms in separate discussions in the last few days? I'm sitting here telling myself this is a Good Thing and shows my finger's On The Pulse, but superficially I fear it may just appear I've been culling all my stuff from other people. Sigh. And here I am trying to be original. Oh well, just have to hope "it's the way I tell 'em"...


  1. "Oh well, just have to hope "it's the way I tell 'em"..."

    It is. But it also what you add, what you bring to the discussion, Alf.

    Looking forward to the reading...Mike

  2. Nothing to add to what Mike said. But could ya give us - not Illuminati - a hint, WHERE to look for readin, ALF

    Marc W

  3. Subscribing to the LV newsletter may be to your advantage... ;)


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