Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tidy. ish.

Tsk, letting things slip again, shame on me. Not that I've been idle, mind you; the workshop is tidy again. ish. That is there are areas of horizontal surface visible to the human eye without the aid of x-ray. And I snatched a moment or two to clean up the Old Man's chosen measuring instruments for Christmas. I fear he picked a really awful set of vernier calipers that are likely to drive him nuts, but I did my best with them. I might see if I've got a spare set of dividers in the "stores" to throw in to make up for them a little; fat chance of ever getting near fresh rust with the current weather we're having. More worryingly other bits and bobs of a less previously-owned nature are exhibiting great reluctance to show up through the letterbox, so his pressie pile has something of the barren wasteland about it at the moment. I feel artistic IOUs are increasingly on the cards...

As far as actual woodworking goes, turned up some basic handles for a couple of things but nothing much else. Lots of things I should be doing, from real wodworking to theoretical stuff, but somehow... Trouble is everything tends to hang fire while you wait to "get Christmas out of the way" and before you know it it's the middle of January and you've lost another month. So perhaps I'd better revert back to deliberately doing the one-day-on-one-day-off routine in a bid for a little workshop discipline. Maybe I can finally get round to making my Mum a replacement for a box of her's that's been on its last legs for a couple of years now in time for her birthday? Hell, I'll have to deal with that rust on top of the Maxi first. Oh, phooey. Sometimes it feels less like the tools are there to help the woodworking and more that they're there to prevent me doing any...

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