Sunday, December 31, 2006

Turn of the year

Having shamelessly neglected the ol' blogging duties in the last couple of weeks, even unto forgetting to wish everyone a Happy Christmas or other holiday of their choice, I thought I'd better end the old year in the way I'd hope the new one will begin. So turning away the numerous invitations to celebrity parties and so forth (yeah, right), here I am trying to turn a motley collection of tools into a vague resemblance to the figures two, zero, zero and seven. I really need some shinier saw blades for it to show up better.

The observant may notice the majority have previously featured on the blog, which was a nice touch I thought. On the other hand you may think I have too much time on my hands...



  1. Well a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

    For you, the new year draws nigh as I write this, for me it is a little over 12 hours away.

    Here [he says popping a cork on a bottle of red wine] is for a happy new year to you and yours.

    Take care, Mike

  2. Happy New Year Al! And to your faithful Blog-fans!!
    May the new year be a happy and productive one,

  3. And a Happy New Year from me as well :)

    Paul Chapman


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