Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hold the front page!

Or rather Hold the Side Rebate...

Marc wonders about the detail of holding the side rebate pair. The key is to utilise the depth stops:

This is the neater one. The first was done by hand but I wilted on the second and brought the Woodrat into play - the sort of odd task I find it worth keeping for. Anyway, first I bored a hole with a 5/8" bit deep enough to take the depth stop bolt head. Conveniently its centre seems to be 25mm up from the bottom and 25mm in from the nose (or 1") so easy enough to get right. Then I put the depth stop in place at what would be it's highest possible setting, drew round it, lengthed the lines for the end of the depth stop foot (try saying that six times as fast as possible...) down to the bottom to take it at it's lowest setting too and removed the unwanted wood. This one eyeballed to the lines (sort of) on the 'Rat, the other bored and then (badly) chiseled to the line. Thus I don't have to worry about setting the depth stop to a certain height in order to fit the storage, which seems to me a Good Thing.

Anyway, like the rest, not a Thing Of Beauty but when (if...) I make a fancy one I'll now have a much better idea of what I'm doing and how to make it look better.


  1. All good stuff, Alf. I'm hoping to have a go at improving my hand-tool storage some time soon, so I'm reading your progress with much interest. One of the few occasions when I'm glad that I don't have as many planes as you.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Thanks Alf,

    That's imaginative! The pair is really save on this holder. If I'll find as much place in my tool storage, I'll pinch the idea, thanks to you and Christian Becksvoort.

  3. Damn - knew I should have patented that - copycats abound - what can a celt do??

    Andy ;-)

  4. Sheesh, Andy, you had me going for a moment there - I had to rush off and check it really was Becksvoort!!


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