Monday, May 14, 2007

Little tinker

Yet more tinkering and just when I think I'm done (at least with this cupboard) what catches the corner of my eye? The #80 scraper, that's what. Ack. Anyway, thus far:

Somewhat to my disgust the Anant dado plane has got itself a rather prominent spot, but alas, it happened to fit there rather nicely. Still not sure about the Mujingfang - that blasted cross handle rather gets in the way in storage terms - on the other hand having it handy again has already proved a boon. The bullnose going Australian may yet prove to be a damn fool thing to do but when a space speaks to you... Bit like laying crazy paving I imagine. Rather chuffed how good the wooden shaves and scrapers look - don't be fooled by the "space", there are others but I, erm, couldn't find them...

Anyway, now it gets difficult. I had hoped light would have dawned while doing this bit about what to do next, however I'm still rather in the dark. What exactly is the best way to deal with fenced planes like the rebates and combis? Do I still put the combis separately as I'd originally thought, or just some of them, or none of them? And chisels? And gouges? And braces, and drills, hammers and screwdrivers, and... No, maybe just stick with planes and bring in the woodies? Oh lawks, I never found room for the technical jack I use all the time. Oh damn and blast...

I'm going to sit in a darkened room for a bit and reflect on why I hadn't done this before - 'cos it was a bloomin' stoopid thing to start!

Incidentally it never occurred to me until last night that this could be taken as an extended gloat of outstandingly crass proportions. It's certainly not intended that way, but apologies if it causes you to turn up at the edges and call me names. If it helps I call myself names for being so weak-kneed and not selling off three-quarters of it. That probably doesn't help, does it? Sorry.


  1. Looking good, Al!
    Don't worry about any "gloatish" problems - we woodworkers love to see others toolboxes.
    So go for it!

  2. Wow, Alf--fitted out very nicely!

    Like Phil said--no worries about the odd person looking at this as a gloat.

    I may need to recruit you to help me design the fitting out of my chest one day--if I get that far. Speaking of tool chests...[g]

    Take care, Mike

  3. Gloat? You have the Lie-Nielson 98 &99 and a Stanly 79? Of course everyone should have all of those as part of their standard kit!

    Seriously, I have been enjoying looking over your shoulder as you try to solve the layout issues. Thank you for being honest about the difficulty organizing all those tools presents.

    Rick in Oakville (Canada)

  4. Rick, funny you should mention the side rebates. I acquired the 79 "just to try" and found to my horror (and whisper this) that I prefer it to the LNs... I know, the horror. But the 98/99 were the first posh planes I ever had (and a present to boot) so I can't quite bear to let them go. And that just about sums up my accumulation problem - there's always a really good reason to hold onto everything. Oh dear...


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