Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So instead of organising myself for funeral and resulting trip up country, I got a little side-tracked - again. Approximately 20 million things wrong with it, but we'll see how it goes and what I want to change for version two.

Incidentally, the blade may look like the notched sword of some bash 'em 'n' hack 'em Viking warrior, but trust me, it's the photo. I would have taken another but the adjustable lamp came apart in my hands. I'm starting to worry about the number of things I'm breaking at the moment...

And I'm sure I'm way behind everyone else on this, but there's rather an interesting interview - sorry, podcast - with Chris Schwarz here. A whole hour, no less. It's very nearly persuaded me I needed a copy of his workbench book; just so I know what I'm arguing against... ;-)  Listened to it last night, so you almost got a blog post entitled "In bed with Mr Schwarz" but I decided to forego the scandal. ;-)

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