Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, reader - and brace yourself for startling developments...

... I've been in the workshop!

I know, I know. Gasp, shock, horror etc. Sit down, calm yourself; it's bound not to last. But the mood was upon me and I finally got shot of a task that's been looming somewhat. Viz: turning free rubbish into free wood. See? Only been waiting since July 2006; I'm speeding up something terrible... Anyway I'd had a go at a little of it last year which was probably a mistake because a) it demonstrated to me just what a horrible job it was, b) I picked out all the easy bits thus ensuring this time it would be an even worse job, and c) in the intervening time there was added cobwebs, sawdust and stuff to clean off. D'oh.

No idea who made these alleged windows but he (or I suppose conceivably, she) must have had a many and varied selection of screws from which to choose. These three, all different, were from attaching just one of the many bits of "stuff". It's by no means the worst example; I was flitting from Phillips to slot (large and small) with brief interludes for pincers and claw hammer like some deranged butterfly. That's when I wasn't peeling off lovely rubbery bits of dark brown sealant. Peel, peel, stretchhhhhhh, PING! Where'd that go?! etc. Lovely job...

But I persevered, even after stopping for me midday vittals when it became oh-so-tempting to leave the rest for another day. The bandsaw blade became progressively more blunt and hopeless, the planer blades nicked and generally in a sorry state, but the worst of the debris was cleaned off and I can now replace said edged items with new and fresh in some hopes that I won't knacker them on the first piece of this stuff I go to use. Yeah, like that won't happen... Oh, and I wronged the oak - it really is and quite a nice wide board to boot.

Naturally the plan was that this stuff should metamorphose (with my assistance) in to saw till doors but equally naturally I'm now looking at it and wondering if there's enough for a proper project. Maybe with legs to take advantage of the thick chunks that I usually don't have...

New year, same Alf. Oh deary me.


  1. Good Lord - talk of a proper project! It really must be a new year ;)
    Best wishes,
    Philly :)

  2. Now, now, be fair; I'm always talking of proper projects... ;)

  3. I'd have thought there was enough there for two proper projects - saw till doors are a proper project, after all!

    And a Happy New Year to you too.


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