Friday, January 04, 2008

Things To Muse About

#72: Just how effective is the dust extraction from my bandsaw?

a) You could operate on its surfaces
b) One or two specks of dust remain
c) Not too good actually
d) A large family of beavers seem to have been putting the finishing touches to their dam-building materials within its precincts

Delete as appropriate...

Despite the ghastly nature of the task, both bandsaw and planer thicknesser are now freshly equipped with newly shining blades ready to renew the battle. The perishing planer knives played up something terrible and I had a monumental struggle to get them to set right. Hand planes are just so much easier. On the other hand the bandsaw was a positive lamb. And if I did improve the dust extraction I would kinda miss the pretty sawdust strata...


  1. Hi Alf
    Is your planer/thicknesser still the Maxi?
    I made up a setting gauge from a couple of magnets - I found it a bit easier than the supplied setting tool.

  2. John, alas it is still the Maxi. (Pause for deep gloom) The funny thing is prior to this occasion the planer knife setting has been one of the few things concerning The Beast that I haven't complained about. I'm still holding out hope that the damn thing will do the decent thing and die but things being what they are it probably won't, so I'll look into some magnets. Thanks for the tip!

  3. If you do want to fix up the dust collection the article at:
    shows a very quick and effective way to do it.



  4. Ah, that looks nice and simple - thanks Jeremy.

  5. Blimey, Alf, that sawdust looks like the cliffs at Alum Bay on the Isle of White. In fact, are you sure you haven't just dug out some old holiday snap....?



  6. Alf

    I found that there was a thread on the Aussie Forum dealing with Dean's dust collector, which led to some improvements:




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