Monday, June 16, 2008


Well did you ever? Three and a half years on and here it is - the 500th blog entry. And all started because I was waiting for a really large file to download. I would have hoped to be in the middle of some exciting project for such a milestone, but never mind. By all means re-live the "glory days" of tables, chairs, workshop reorganisation and endless struggles with updating the website via the archives to your right -> 

Anyway, a thank you to all of you who've, inexplicably, hung around to read these whitterings. I'd have felt a bit silly just talking to myself; not that feeling silly would have probably stopped me... 

So plus ce change, plus ce meme chose, as they say on t'other side of the Channel - the rapacious monster that is the Lee Valley Veritas R&D department once more puts forth its claw, hooks me in and tells me there's further stuff on its way. And, as ever, I'm not in a position to say much on here, much to all our annoyance. Although I don't think I'm letting any cats out of bags in saying that I believe one item is a right-hand skew rebate. A plane so long promised by el Presidente that I fondly refer to it and its left hand sibling as The Godot Brothers. Not that I have the faintest idea what it'll look like; the closest we've got to a public view is this:
Pretty, innit? No, I don't know what it means either, but it does tell me the thing will have a rear tote. Oh joy, oh rapture unconfined - I feel a Freaky Handed Moment coming on... Alas, these days it also means a "wrestling with UPS" moment to come as well - everything keeps being sent with waybills for their return journey. Humph. Heigh ho, it was a good run while it lasted! But friends, consider the irony. That handle I liked? I don't even have an example of it amongst all those ones I didn't... ;-)


  1. 500th blog entry - congratulations. Good excuse for a celebratory drink;) I'll fill a glass tonight and say "Here's to the next 500".


    Paul Chapman

  2. Hoorah! Congrats!
    More stuff from Veritas - you are not trying hard enough to annoy Rob, Al ;)

  3. Un admirateur from the over side of the pound :
    Your're a lucky girl !!!! congratulation, but I would have said :"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"
    Always happy to read you even if I have to search some of your vocabulary in my dictionnary.


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