Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wax lyrical

Okay, enough of pluggin' Lee Valley stuff. Let's plug something nearer home instead! ;-)

Even as the parcel from the aforementioned arrived, so did an unsolicited trial sample of Protec Tool Wax from Matthew at Workshop Heaven. Naturally I can spot an opportunity to kill two fowl with one projectile as well as the next layabout, so will try out one on t'other. Stay tuned. First impressions: looks (and smells) just like Liberon's Lubo Wax, which I've been using for some years now.

Given that the origins of this blog are largely down to Firefox (as well as that large download) it seems fitting to alert you to the release of Firefox 3.0. - simply to give you the chance to be part of their attempt to set a Guiness World Record with Download Day (hurry though!). Hey, you can print off a certificate; what's not to like?

Let's draw a veil over the fact I use Safari now and am quite happy with same...

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  1. Hey, my free sample of Protec Tool Wax from Matthew arrived today. Not had a sniff yet (too busy gardening, before it looks like a jungle). Will try it out a bit later.


    Paul Chapman


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