Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Handle Wot Alf Liked

Just as I was struggling to come up with something to blog about, I was rescued by that well-known sieve with the initials RCL. It's not just the Ship Of State that leaks from the top...

Anyway, as per title, this is the famous handle:

And another shot of what comes with the handle, should that be of any interest. D'you know I never took a single picture of the thing while it was here? Just goes to show how switched on I'm not at the moment.

So that's one less thing I have to remember not to talk about, which is a blessing. And my verdict? Based on the example I've played with, I think it's really rather good.


  1. Alf,

    That looks the business, not as shiny as the original but probably more useable

  2. That's the funkiest side rebate plane I've ever seen! The handle looks like a miniature version of a cyclist's safety helmet!

    Damned cunning, these Canadians...


  3. That looks like it might be very good......


    Paul Chapman

  4. It does look very nice, Alf, and I am sure that it works well (like most Veritas stuff).

    I know this is a heretical thing to say, but take off the funky handle and it is very reminiscent of teh Record 2506 (which ISTR was a Preston design that Record kept making after acquiring Preston's plane business in 1932). Does it work better than a 2506? If so, in what way?

  5. Glad to see you're still awake over there...

    I thought it was the OTHER handle you liked.... :)

    Ta -


  6. But is it right not to feel the pain in the palm inflicted by the original, the sore contorted tissue and tendons, in brief, the ethical trade-off to trim one's width exactly right?

    What of the children, what type of example is this?

    If that thing is as comfortable as it looks... why, it may weaken the very foundation of civilization...

    Good golly almighty, if it's that comfortable, it may as well grow a tail!

    And will you side by side it with the original(s) in a much to be anticipated review?

  7. Yep, trust the alert blog reader - sincere flattery to the Preston and it'll weaken the moral fibre of our youth. Dammit, we mustn't let 'em get away with it! ;-)

    But seriously, Jeremy, I can't honestly say if it works better than a 2506 'cos I don't have one (all together now - ahhh), but it is a helluva lot more comfortable than either a 79 or 98/99

    Side-by-side review? Alas, I'd have to rake up the lettuce first - and then justify owning three examples of side rebates instead of just two. Tricky...

    And to the Leaky One I can only say "whoops, better send it back again and I'll double check if that was the handle I liked or not..." ;-P

  8. ..uh... the other one I was referring to was on another plane...

    The side rebate is the "Louis Garneau" handle, the OTHER plane has the "Boba Fett" handle....


    (no - we're not going to base anythin on Daleks!)

    Cheers -


  9. And what exactly d'you have against Daleks?! They can even get up stairs now y'know.


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