Friday, February 18, 2005

Everyone's a winner, baby

Or rather they're not. But I am!!!! By some quirk of fate or plain clerical error I've won the Trend router competition! Way-bloomin'-hey! Goodness knows how that happened, but I promise not to complain about it. Too much unseemly gloating, I know, but this isn't something that happens every day so I shall wallow in victory for just a little while. Here's the prize-winning table. Ah, I love the smell of Patina in the morning, it smells like victory...

Okay, enough of that. The gauge review comes on apace, and I haven't cut myself again - yet. Still no decision on tables or desk, but that's no surprise. I'm really itching to get out there and make something though, so once the review's to bed maybe I'll do something with that old pine from the chapel benches... But what? Dammit, I'm so indecisive.

Or am I?


  1. Yeay! Well done Alf! And a blog entry about it already!

    Of course, if the competition had been for poorly-finished pine 'n MDF aircraft-carrier sized tables with uses in the workshop I might have given you a bit more of a run for your money :P

  2. Pish tush, Neil, yours is a work of router table art. TPTB were most impressed that I beat such competition. :~) Take no notice of my unseemly triumphalism - 'tis shameful.


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