Friday, February 25, 2005

Size does matter

The simple removal by the Old Man of my GWW workstation has thrown the workshop into complete chaos (by request, to be fair). I can't even see the top of the Maxi - not that that's usually my idea of a good time anyway, but you know what I mean. So I've been mulling over how best to sort out the workshop. I'm increasingly aware that I could really do with the bench being accessible from all sides, but oh, if only the workshop was just a foot or so wider! So I juggle this and juggle that on a workshop plan and go round in circles better than a Trend T5 on a trammel bar. The truth is I didn't fully think the new SCMS through, and it's too darn big. D***ed if I'm giving it up now though - sweeeeeeeeeeet. Hmm, wonder if the Old Man fancies taking on the lathe as well...

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