Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Safety glasses! (tap tap)

Yay! My outrageously expensive safety glasses have arrived and all is clear and safe chez Alf. Of course I haven't actually tested them by having passers by chucking small, hard objects at my head, but I assume they're okay... Also got the website revamp up and running at last. Double yay! It all appears to be working, but time will tell... Hand editing all the code was, erm, fun. No, fun isn't the right word at all. I must have gone backwards and forwards trying this 'n' that to get it how I wanted about a trillion times by the finish. No wonder I don't update it very often...

On a non-woodworking note, going into Falmouth for the specs included a detour to Port Pendenis and a good long goof at "B&Q" - the yacht, not the diy store natch. And low, before our wondering eyes St, er, Dame Ellen herself. Disappointingly she looks very ordinary indeed; makes you feel really you should have been round the world yourself by now as obviously anyone can do it. Oh, and she is really very short. In fact the boat was much smaller in the flesh than on the telly. Pretty awe inspiring I'm afraid. Never mind, I'll get over it I expect... Apparently she goes out tomorrow morning, either for London and a berth next to HMS Belfast or Southampton (local rumour is divided on the point).


  1. OK, so I thought you needed some comments, just to make your blog feel happier! So, tell us about these (tap tap) safety glasses; do they come complete with checked shirt and beard? And why so horrendously expensive? Oh...ignore that one, I recall them being prescription ones.

    Anyway, a comment for your archives

  2. Ah anonymous, what a prolific writer... A comment - for me? I'm touched. You shouldn't have. I don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed. I'm also checked shirt-less. Oh the shame...

  3. Just in case you were wondering exactly how short Ellen is, she is actually 5' 3 1/2"... and weighs 8 stone I believe! Some of the sails weigh twice as much as she does, and thats when they are dry...


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