Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gone critical

'stordinary, the behaviour of some folks. Someone seems to have actually gone through my website gallery and taken the trouble to give zero rating votes (aka "rubbish") on virtually everything. Actually it may be on everything, but unlike this mystery critic I gave up bothering to go through them all to find out. Why?! I mean they're entitled to think it's all a load of tosh, in fact I applaud their taste to some extent, but why take all that time and effort to bother to do so? Sheesh, after the first 4 or 5 they must have realised the general trend of the content! After 20 or so you'd have thought they'd have gone out to find a life sooner than continue. One can only conclude whoever "they" may be just likes maliciously saying everything's "rubbish"; whether as a general world view or a comment on my own little corner of the web, who can say? If it's personal, I'm actually rather pleased; fancy someone taking all that trouble over me :~) Anyway, if you're out there Mr (or Ms) Rubbish, feel free to use the comments box on the Blog here to explain yourself. Otherwise I have no choice but to assume you're an obsessive stalker and shall have to consider myself a celeb...

Personally I'm surprised anyone ever bothers to register a vote at all. Which is a strangely apposite thought, given the election today. Oh how I wish they'd put in a "none of the above" box for me to tick, or cross, or whatever. I was almost tempted to go to the Polling Station, get myself crossed off the list and then leave, on the basis that at least I couldn't be charged with apathy. After all, I had bothered to turn up. Then I wondered about drawing in my own "none of the etc" box and putting a cross, but spoiling ballot papers seems, well, wrong. People die for the right to vote, for heaven's sakes. So I did something that felt much worse; I voted tactically. Sigh. Oh well, with luck we might get a full five year break before the next one.

But back to the gallery for a moment (bit of a Vision On moment there). I've been tidying it up and so forth, and in an idle moment, looked at the "Most Viewed". What get's the prize? Is it groups of luscious hand tools? My lonely coffee table in the project section? (Yes, I have made more than that, thank you very much; I just haven't got the pics up yet). The handmade planes? Well they come close, but no. It's the Workshop. What is it with woodworkers and their love of looking round other peoples' workshops? I'm the same myself. So just as well I've finally got the all new workshop tour up, on proper pages to boot. Next job is doing the same for the coffee table. Urgh. Html code hell.

Never mind eh? The sun is shining. Summer is a'comin' and the humidity in the w'shop is down to, er, what?!
36%. Oh heck. I think that's a trifle too dry. You just can't win.

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