Saturday, September 03, 2005

Acid test

So September is upon us. That's me rushing into the workshop for the new term then... [hollow laughter] Well I am doing a little research into using citric acid for rust removal, which is about all I feel equal to at the moment. It's hardly "all go" round here though. The recovery of my lumbar regions hasn't exactly been helped by having to pick the most ridiculous numbers of runner beans in the old man's veg garden. I mean there's dozens of them; it's crazy. It was fine while I was doing it mind you; listening to "The Lark Ascending" in the evening sun, Swallows twittering away in the distance, a Buzzard mewing over my head, lovely way to while away an hour or two. Only when I'd finished did I wonder if I'd been totally wise, especially picking the "Red Rums" which crop right from the bottom of the plant. This morning I knew it was a mistake. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh. So today I will just hobble gingerly between the one day cricket final at Lords on the telly and the workshop every couple of hours, and gaze at the spring dividers lying in the citric-y depths. Sounds better if I rephrase it to "I spent my Saturday cleaning up rusty tools" though, doesn't it? ;~)

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