Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apathy is too much effort

If there's one thing sadder than a woodworker who can't get into their workshop, it must be a woodworker who doesn't want to. Yes, I am that sorry individual. I'm wandering round like a wet weekend and I just can't summon up the impetus to go into the workshop at all. It's awful. I feel so guilty. All those tools ready to leap to my command and butcher some unsuspecting tree meat, so many tuits on the list, so many more wannatryits too, and I just can't be arsed - pardon my Klatchian*. Still, there are 4 or 5 assorted dividers and callipers sitting on the bench, freshly waxed and almost shiny from their citric acid bath, so that's something. Not much, but I'll take what I can get at the moment...

In other news, keep it to yourselves, but an order has been placed with an ISP to provide a broadband service chez Alf. I confidently expect news to come through that we're 2ft 7inches too far away from the exchange for it to work and my hopes will be dashed forever, but you never know it might actually work. If everyone'd just cross all available appendages for the forseeable future I'd be obliged, ta muchly.

*It's a Discworld thing. Read the books and you'll understand. Don't read the books and frankly there's very little hope for you and your sanity making it to the end of your brief sojourn on this planet intact. But that's just my opinion. :~)


  1. Cor! Fast 'Tinternet? You won't know what hit you! ;)
    Fancy coming round Philsville and helping me clean up? Might get your workshop bug hopping?? No?
    Worth a try......

  2. Coo, no one told me broadband includes teleportation facilities to other workshops - I would have nagged TPTBs sooner! ;~)

  3. Now you can join the rest of civilisation!


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