Monday, September 26, 2005

Grubs in the grub

Sometimes life parcels up strange and unpleasant things to you - often, it seems, to be delivered before breakfast. I went to dole out the usual portions of seed mix for the parrots this morning, but my questing hand was arrested by the sight of a small, but active, white grub desporting itself among the sunflower seeds. I withdrew my hand at speed, as you may imagine. Soon another one was descernable to my wondering eye, albeit the sack is large - 15Kg - and the grubs small - 10mm long, but, as I say, monsterously active. Needless to say I didn't pause to see if they had more friends with them, rather a call was made to the purveyour of said mix and a new batch should be en route as I speak. Honestly, it was most unpleasant, and I didn't have a single drawkife about my person at the time. Note to self: perhaps a good idea to have a drawknife handy in the cutlery drawer for emergencies?

Consequently I decided against museli for breakfast for some reason...

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