Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well I forgot to post about the big news today, didn't I? Yep, the decision by APTC not to hold a show next year. No Tools2006. What a total bummer. It's the one half decent show out there, not to mention the only one I'm ever able to get to. It has virtually all the big hand tool players, the big names and gurus, the competitions, and, most importantly of all, the largest number of UK Workshoppers attending and meeting up. What will we do without it? I'm totally gutted.

Then, to add to my cup of happiness, word comes throught from LV that the cambering roller for the honing guide has been put on hold and won't be considered again for six months or so. If at all. Hell's teeth and damnation, it's a perishing conspiracy against a whole section of woodworking humanity, that's what it is. I mean I'm one of the lucky ones; I have one. But what about the would-be cambering thousands out there? Huh? Sheesh, I'm annoyed. How Mike must feel I dread to think; my condolences on a rare (I hope) outing of LV mutton-headedness, Mike.

Now I'm dreading what the third thing's going to be...


  1. Well, the first is worse than the second.

    I dug up my source for the brass after emailing you. I can always make someone a replacement roller [grin]...

    But I cannot do anything about the show not going to happen.

    Take care,


  2. Mike, they both stink to a greater or lesser degree. At least neither has yet reached the "never" stage, so while there's life there's hope. I feel a lot of nagging coming on... ;~)


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