Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Theory Practice

Tsk, I seem to be in rather a serious trough of "Theoretical Woodworking" at the moment. I'm tempted to indulge myself and make the bench-on-bench just to kick start me into proper woodworking again. Really I need to, 'cos I ought to be thinking about my mum's birthday at the end of January - hints have been dropped that something I've made is virtually expected. Ack. I kind of know what I'd like to do, but that's a long way from doing it, as you all know... A bit like T L-N saying a #043 is high on his list of tools he'd like to make - it's not the same as being the next thing they're actually making. Good news though, all the same.

Meanwhile I'm amusing myself by trying to think of a new angle on the eternal tool storage question. The recurring theme of my previous efforts has been a lack of flexibility, so how can I address the fluctuating nature of my tool kit? Seems to me the only answer is to have tools in small groups, possibly on seperate boards or holders, that can be moved round a cabinet independantly of the other tools. So if the chisel choice changes, f'rinstance, you just make or alter a new chisel holder to accommodate the changes. It's not an entirely original idea of course, but I don't think it's ever been taken to the extreme of doing that for everything. Possibly because it isn't practical! But I did have a novel thought for using up the air space you often get between the tools on the back of a cupboard and the doors, plus giving the option of taking certain tools to the bench in one go. Whether it'll work outside the dubious confines of my imagination is anyone's guess, but I may get round to trying a prototype sometime. Maybe.

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