Friday, November 25, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Okay, okay, don't all chunter at me. I've been busy. Woodworking? Well sort of. Not actually making anything though. Playing silly beggars with a certain router plane of Commonwealth origin and writing about twice as much as I intended to about it, I fear. Also wrote up the auger/brace cleaning as threatened, so I'm in a bit of a literary mood at the moment. Just as well, as I have a little non-forum writing to do next - and before anyone asks, no, it's not for a magazine and no cheque will be winging its way chez Alf. But it should be fun though.

Also the auger cleaning bug stayed with me most of last week and this - up until the temperature dropped that is. As you can see from the view to the workshop to your left, taken this afternoon, winter has arrived in a big way here in Cornwall. Playing about with metal and cold water suddenly loses its charm when the thermometer says 0.5°C, funnily enough. I know, I'm a soft southern pansy, "when I were t'lad oop in't The North we went sunbathing when temperature got up to 0°C" etc etc. So shoot me. I like to be warm. :~)

What else have I been doing... Oh yes, gathering together likely items for trying out some hot/hide/scotch/pearl glue (trust me to wait until the temperature drops...) All I need is a little "craftwork", as Woodrat would put it, and the actual glue and I can play to my heart's content. Amazingly the "Home Hardware" in Truro stocks Liberon pearl glue. Not so surprisingly they only had a 1Kg bag, which seemed a lot for someone who isn't sure they'll like it. So an Axminster order is required. Oh deary me, what a terrible shame, how ever will I make up enough of an order to get free delivery, etc, etc... Actually it is a bit of a pain, given that I've just placed my postponed show order with BriMarc. Hmm, so who can I get Crimbo pressies for from APTC? Apart from me, obviously... I'd ask any passing reader (and it's a worry just how many people have confessed to reading this Blog. I thought I was talking to myself...) about one such item, but I have a feeling my nephew reads it too. Which reminds me, a poser for you...

Grandson informs grandparents he won't see them over New Year 'cos he's going back to University directly after Christmas. He says to work for his finals and that. They immediately say cherche la femme and "pull the other one, it has water on from the last shower what I came down in". Apparently doing a lot of walking is also a sure sign of lurve, according to them... Is this a reasonable guess on the part of the grandparents (50 years married, remember), or are they making 2+2=5? I merely mention this in case any of my readership either
a) Wish to confirm this hypothesis, maybe even from experience, but vague opinion will do. I'm not fussy.
b) Wish to utterly refute the allegation in a frantic, embarrassed, and therefore amusing, way...

And you thought I was a nice person. Mwahahahahaahaaaaaaaaa... ]:~>


  1. Aha! She's back!
    Yep, call me a saddo but I look forward to your internet-rantings. Not much on telly, you see.......;)
    You certainly have been busy on the writing side-any new projects on the go (you can talk about)?
    I had a go with the Titebond liquid animal glue-it certainly works really well. Its slow setting time actually put me off a bit though. Nice invisible glue-lines though! Tried it on sliding dovetails-a bit no-no. It tried to push the piece apart for hours. Prefer PVA to be honest.
    Doesn't take much of a drop in temperature to put the workshop "out-of-bounds", does it? I've been making excuses all week.......;)

  2. Well you've enticed me out of the woodwork aunty dear.

    At least you've got snow. Up here in Durham not a snow flake to be seen AND I'm in north where snow is s'posed to be the done thing in the winter! All we've got is rain and bone chilling temperatures. Believe me none of us are sunbathing!

    As to my excuses re not being around at New Year....well I hate to disappoint you all but it really is because of a 15,000 word dissertation rather than my love life. As to the walking, well, I'm always told exercise is a good thing. ;)

    Good to see your still at the old blog, and stirring things up as ever ;)

    Your extremely cold over worked nephew.

  3. P.S. 2+2 does in fact equal 5 if you factor in the significant figures. I'm sure grandparents will explain! Incidentally I apologise for some of the spelling particuarly "your" raher than "you're"....too little sleep and over enthusiastic mouse!

  4. Hah, got him... But not funny enough, sunbeam. Work on it ;~P And I won't point out that you're a soft, Southern pansy too...

    Whoops, I just did, didn't I? :~)

    Phil, I gather the Titebond stuff and the Real Thing are quite different animals (groan) in use. Time will tell. The incentive to try was 'cos apparently it's just the stuff to use for sticking the canvas for tambour doors, according to Tage Frid :~)

  5. Even the 'hard' northerners aren't liking this one. I'm sorry but the truth is often boring and lacking in humour. I'm not your personal clown I'm afraid!


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