Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tap dancing

Result. Holes successfully drilled and tapped in the jointer plane. Yee-hah! Having woken up at 1am this morning worrying about it, I knew I had to grasp the nettle, bite the bullet and generally get on with it. Not helped by the opposite side to the one I was drilling being less than square to the sole of the plane. Grrr. So it was all very dicey wedged up with this 'n' that and not clamped down. Don't try that at home kids... But luckily there was lots of leeway in the whole thing, so all was well. Nearly wasn't though; I marked up the wrong holes first try, so I now have some additional dimples on the plane where dimples should not be. Ho hum. Anyway, I had a bit of a play and so forth and the main thrust of my thoughts are already committed to paper. Just a pause to let it stew a while now.

Also made progress with one of the other LV things, which I suppose I have to not say about yet. No worries; s'no big deal particularly. As it is, it seems fine and I'm struggling to come up with anything to say beyond "Great, I'll take one. Except, er, I already have one now, don't I...?" Well I would have bought one if things had been different, if I'd had the thing it goes with, which I probably wouldn't have I'd have had to buy it... Hmm, I think I'll have to re-draft this whole thing...

I'll leave you with the thought that, while I knew Tool X was a complicated thing with lots of parts, it's not until you see one laid out, with the blades alone taking up a third of the workbench, that you really know it.

Tune in tomorrow when I Blog about how I started a rumour about a Lee Valley Combination Plane. (chuckle)


  1. Funny blog this one...btw, are we talkin' 'bout curvy rolling things for something you already have...(g). If so, look familiar?


  2. Well you got me guessing! ;)

  3. Funny peculiar, or funny ha-ha? :~) Anyway, on the nose, Mike. I thought it looked just a leetle bit familiar. Hope you're getting royalties.

    Philly, I grin but say nothing ;~)

  4. Ah, the penny drops....
    I'm not the sharpest (even tho I have the mkII sharpening jig)

  5. It was funny ha ha. Your blogs usually leave a smile on my and Dina's face. Ya got a great sense of humor--combined with a clear writing style.

    Royalties? What's dat?

    Take care, Mike

  6. Royalties must be republicans in 'Murrica I s'pose...? ;~)

    You know, some lettuce* for your efforts. :~)

    *Philly should know that one

  7. No, no. Knew what ya meant.

    Though my suggestion was dismissed (even panned by one person) it would come under parallel development or under the ND agreement wherein I offered up my soul already.

    Or was that the blood of my first born?



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