Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Not the best of piccies of the chestnut, but I was concentrating on getting it stowed rather than taking its portrait. Had to lop off a bit on two of the boards or they wouldn't fit in; always a worry as you try to decide the best place so you won't curse yourself some months down the line. Naturally this tailor-made space for them wasn't in existance until I'd had a bit of a tidy up of the timber store; not before time mind you, so it's an ill wind... Except it isn't, but no-one says "it's a fair wind etc etc" do they? Not sure I can rely on the moisture meter much, but it's definitely wetter than stuff that's been in the w'shop for at least a month (new purchase, currently on offer for under 20 quid at Axminster - while the cat's away the mouse will place an order in the certain knowledge of being able to squirrel everything out of sight and avoid those awkward questions... ) Hopefully the workshop will be dry enough, but no so dry as to over-hasten the drying completion. Bit of an experiment, this one, 'cos I haven't had any air-dried stuff since the dehumidifier was set up.

Meanwhile I pottered about doing all sorts of odd things that have been on the to-do list for ages. Came across this little pattermaker's shave that I'd forgotten about (and might have been handy for the chair seat - d'oh!), so drilled out the knackered screw, re-tapped for M6 and used one of the approximately 200 shouldered thumbscrews I bought at the car boot last year to bring it back to working order. Only 199 to go... Kinda cool; I know it's a patternmaker's shave 'cos I bought it from the patternmaker who made it. Also did a couple of oval turning experiments and I think I know more or less how to go about the task a bit better than I have before. Well in all honesty it can't get much worse. Oh yes, and the last thing in the picture is actually to do with the chair. Bet that'll have you puzzled...


  1. Alright-I give up! What's it for?? And are you sure they are not chisel handles? ;)

  2. Ooo no, I'm not going to tell. You'll have to wait and see :~P

  3. Is it for plugging through holes in the crest rail/arm?


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