Tuesday, April 04, 2006


As the venerable wise man probably said, by the running of the Neat's Foot Oil thou shall knowest that Spring be here. Verily.

Yep, went to fill up the syringe for my daily fix, er, I mean for use on the oil stone and found it was warm enough to be runny without standing it in front of the heater for an hour first. Huzzah! Soon I'll be complaining it's too hot in there...

Meanwhile I have cast my net a little further in the quest for design opinion; don't take it personally, blog readers, your opinion is still much valued. I seem to be getting closer and closer to the point where I really can't go any more until either the auger bit extension turns up, or I give in and go powered. Never mind, I managed to successfully side-track myself into making a chair devil to help put off cutting the legs to length. No picture just yet 'cos I find myself embarrassed in the countersunk head machine screw department. The bolt heads and enormous penny washers don't do it justice... It kinda works, but I don't think I've got it quite right yet.

Finally, should be Good News on the 'puter front. I won't say any more just now in case I jinx it, but unless someone decides to play silly buggers it should finally get sorted out in the next couple of weeks.


  1. How many Neat's feet does it take to make, oh I don't know, 1 litre of oil?

    How many feet does a Neat have?

    How is the oil gathered? Are Neats trained to walk over a special absorbent mat, or do they have to be slaughtered in order for the oil to be extracted?

    Could the oil shortage be solved by the production of GM Neats?

    Where do Neats come from? Don't think I've ever seen one - I wouldn't mind betting that Attenborough hasn't either. Wherever it is it can't be cold, or presumably, what with the thickening of the oil, they'd be stuck to the spot during the winter - or maybe they hibernate.

    Or perhaps the oil comes from somewhere else, and is so named because it is favoured by Neats as part of their podiatric regime?

  2. Enjoying yourself, Nick? :~D

  3. Of course the really big question is why there are never enough hours in the day, yet at the same time so many idle moments. ~:-/


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