Friday, April 14, 2006


Remember my recommendation for this Firefox Extension? Reopens a tab if, like me, you close one and then immediately go "bugger, I didn't mean to do that". Well Firefox has had an update to v. and my beloved undoclosetab no longer worked. Notice the past tense - if you want to get it to work, at least on Windoze, try this:
  1. Go to
  2. Download to your desktop
  3. Go to and download WinRAR (install in the usual way)
  4. Open up undoclosetab.xpi from your desktop with WinRAR and go to the install.rdf file.
  5. In the file replace the 1.whatever number between "maxVersion" and "/maxVersion" with 1.6 and save.
  6. Exit WinRAR and right click undoclosetab.xpi on the desktop and select Open with> Firefox. The usual extension-loading dialogue box will pop up, follow the instructions etc etc. Restart Firefox.
  7. Behold, it works.
  8. Apparently it can work with other extensions that haven't been updated too, which is why I though it worth bothering to type this all up.
If it doesn't work for you, sorry but I doubt I can help - I'm not a techie! Good luck.


  1. Alf,
    I have so many extensions I can't remember what might do it (except it ain't unclosetab which I haven't got)and I think it may even be native behaviour - a click on the wheel of my mouse in an empty part of the tab bar, restores previously closed tabs.

  2. Chris, you're right. My problem is I often don't have an empty part of the tab bar...

  3. Not that this note has anything to do with browesers...but the June FWW arrived today and there's a nice article by John Alexander on making chairs...well, more about wet/dry joinery in chairs...

    Take care, Mike

  4. Still cant get undocclose widgetry to work - hey ho - 'n heres me wot they pay to do thiat sort of stuff - guess I'll get me coat.
    Cheers Mike (MR)


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