Friday, October 06, 2006

Aversion therapy

I know what you're thinking - she's slipping. Missed a day and now repeating a post. But it's not the same plane, honest, This is the other #4.5 that's been waiting about for me to clean it up. I took it all to pieces and gave it a scrub, ooo, months ago, but it's been waiting around asking to lose parts ever since. So I bit the bulet at last. Not that it can complain - it was in the toolchest so that's only, what, two and a half years ago... It's the one top left in this pic:

Not the prettiest then, and not really the prettiest now, but would make a good user I reckon. Of course I don't have time to tune it up, so I'll probably have to find a new home for it at a cut rate. Type study makes it to be a 15 - 1931-1932 - which ties in pretty well with the other Stanleys in the box iirc. What it has demonstrated to me is that my tote is considerably clunkier than it ought to be - those old rosewood totes are really incredibly elegant.

I also cleaned up the #79 side rebate I got last month, de-rusted the iron of the lignum vitae coffin smoother and found it correct size cap iron (still needs the wedge), cleaned the Ward & Payne chisel (still needs a lot of work on the back, and a new handle natch), oh and cleaned the guides of the Marples mitre box. On inspection the box isn't in any too great shape, so as I'd thought, I dug out the as-new Crown, put a quick groove in the top for the guides and set it up as my brand spanking new improved mitre box.

And I still know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Alf, this is a good deal of prevaricating about the bush - what about the saw till?"

It's aversion therapy.

I reckon if I do enough tool cleaning I'll get so fed up with the dirt, mess and general mechaniciness of the workshop that I'll be desperate to get back to the cleanliness of working wood again. Plus I get cleaned tools where before there was rust. They'll still be in the way mind you, but at least they won't leave dirty marks...

Oh, and for eager viewers of ParrotCageWatch - got a call to say the colour I'd chosen was out of stock, so three week delay. The suspense is killing me; how about you?

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  1. Dunno about us, but I reckon Bertie is getting a bit fed up with the waiting:(

    Nice job on the planes.

    Paul Chapman


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