Monday, October 02, 2006

New home for the winter

'Tis a shaming thing to look back and find I was discussing new housing for Bertie, my African Grey, as far back as May and yet only now have I actually placed the order. Naturally I've now got cold feet about it, but getting him to go in it without panicking and falling to the bottom in a tizzy will at least give me something to do with the long winter evenings. 'Cos the nights are really drawing in now; a scent of woodsmoke in the evening air instead of the whine of Flymos; classic drama on the Beeb... Sigh. I must be getting old; I dread winter more and more every year (and not just because of the classic drama). It seems such an achingly long time until the days lengthen again and everyone cheers up. Oh well, looking at it another way, winter means timber felling time, so it's not all loss. I wonder when might be a good time to talk to the Wood Guy again...?

This weekend's activities? The gavel and block was well received. Luckily the Ancient One is afraid to ruin it by banging it too hard, so no worries! And the Saw Till? Tsk, haven't even settled on any dimensions yet. So far successful displacement activity has saved me from any danger of decision-making; nothing new there then...

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