Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tote-ally Crazy

Not a word vis-a-vis arrival or otherwise of cage, but the free gift I hadn't realised I was getting arrived:

Sort of appropriate get-up for a more Normite parrot, no? But with a beak like that I reckon the pliers are a bit superfluous quite frankly...

In a continuing bid to prevaricate over the saw till, more handle-making struck. At least this is clearing up a few "To Do's" on the list - this one's been waiting only about 5 years for a rear tote... A very early purchase, this #4.5, came equipped with a modern plastic handle that neither fitted nor suited it. I think it's something like a type 8 or 9, so turn of the century.

Trouble is the luscious low front knob is awful dark - possibly been treated with BLO at some point which can turn rosewood almost black. Dunno whether to refinish in the hopes it might lighten up a bit or not. Really I ought to be making the unoriginal tote darker, I know, but with that gorgeous streak of colour through it? Not perishing likely. While I was at it I figured a little cleaning up to bring out her looks wasn't a bad idea; my idea of plane cleaning has changed a bit in five years and I'm less tolerant of some patina than I used to be. It's like the phenomenom of putting away a seldom used tool "sharp", only to find it's mysteriously got blunt when you return to it. It's simply your notion of "sharp" has changed in the intervening time. May have done myself a bit of a disservice in fact; looks so sparkling now I'm wondering about an aftermarket blade and cap iron... Oh deary me.


  1. Great outfit if the parrot's name is Bob!!

    Paul Chapman

  2. Lovly wood in the tote, Alf.

    So why not make a new knob, save the original knob for another plane with a good tote, bad knob?

    Prevaricate--not a word heard much. But you cannot dodge the inevitable question...what did you decide on the till's tambour door? Or the cleat/attachment method?

    Take care, Mike
    Back to worky...


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