Monday, October 16, 2006


I know, I know - I've been letting the blogging go recently. It's not for want of desire to blog, simply that I haven't really done anything in the workshop to speak of. Usually I'd fall back on theoretical woodworking instead, but my mind's taken up with things for a second article for the Lee Valley email newsletter (Now folks can claim I'm in their pay, and with justification - so naturally they haven't. D'oh!) Not that I don't often manage to think of something else to say when I'm working on a whittering for the web site, but there's something about getting remuneration for writing something I find horribly inhibiting. I'm so wrapped up in not falling foul of the rules and regs of exclusivity and such that I dread to let a word slip - and thus clam up completely in consequence. Silly, isn't it? Still, I've got a couple of ideas swilling about in the old brain cell, so all I need now is some workshop time to implement them.

Oh, and I found myself another tapered reamer. You look for years for one, and then two come along at once - typical. Hah, yes, and also another wad punch... Gimme a "C", gimme an "O", gimme an "L", gimme another "L"...


  1. Glad to see you made it through the weekend in one piece! Hope you're feeling better. What's this about paid employment to write? I thought you'd given up doing written reviews etc.


  2. Hi ALF,

    Regarding the writing, congratulations plus 10-low and 5-high. It is distressing to read of your second-guessing yourself. Freshness, openness, a mastery of woodworking details, and an uncommon degree of commonsense are the hallmarks of your style. Please keep it up and don't change a thing.


  3. Hey up, northerly-residing nephew. T'was not a review, which I have indeed given up, but waffle on making a scratchstock skillfully edited by someone else to make sense. Wish I'd had one of these editor whallahs years ago... ;)

    Wiley, you're right; second-guessing myself is fatal for the "flow". I'm doing my best to stop doing it, but like cutting dovetails, it's a matter of practice and in the meantime I expect to turn out some pretty iffy joints! :)


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