Friday, September 28, 2007

How to annoy people on a Friday

Ooo, you're going to be sticking pins in my effigy - not doing the ones I thought I was today, but rather the more familiar moulders and such. So yes, this is going to have to go into another week and you'll have to wait until Monday for the rest. Gosh, I'm evil...

Rather sparse on legible makers' marks thus far so it shouldn't take long. Anti-clockwise this time methinks, starting at noon:

1 5/8" skew rebate. For some reason the top of the toe has been cut away - anyone in a position to enlighten me on why that might be? It has rather a round wedge top shape which leads me to wish to have another hard look for any names on it. Not that I think it's likely very old, but for general info it seems wedge shapes got less round and more elliptical over the years. Top o' the day...

1/4" side bead. This plane is not in its first youth by any means, but feels Good.

3/8" slipped side bead. Might be a Buck but this blighter did like to stamp his own name over everything else...

1/2" side bead, also slipped. J Buck, 124 Newgate Street, London. BPMs sez Joseph, 1837-1872. Yay, 'nother date bracket. For those wondering, a slipped bead has removable fillets to provide the depth stop. Take 'em off and you can work your bead up close to any projection, such as might be found in sticking part of a more complex moulding. If you didn't know that you might well think the plane had been rather obviously repaired instead.

#10 hollow by Goad & Son, 78 Tottenham Court Road. What is with all these London planes? I've never had so many in one go like this. Anyway, that'd seem to be Frederick and his boy between 1887 and 1892.

And finally a push-me-pull-you plane. A 5/8" double-ended match plane (for tongue and groove) by Griffiths of Norwich. Fun, in't it? Can't quite decide if this tops my previous T&G pair who's claim to fame is being once owned by a Mr E Bastard who had no qualms about clearly stamping them with his surname. Planes for SWMBO to give you when she's finally had enough perhaps...? Luckily they're 3/4" so all I need is to do any T&Ging at all and I could probably justify both. As it is...


  1. Annoyed? Moi? Nay I say, never!

    OK. I am a little annoyed that I do not know what those irons are for. I will endeavor to be content that all will be revealed someday.

    No clue on the altered rebate plane. That is a nice coming-going T&G. I never have tried side beads with the removable slip. I cannot think of an actual instance where I would have wanted to go more complex than a dedicated molder or what I could work with H&Rs, quarter rounds, etc. But that is because (1) I'm bloody happy to get through a "simple" profile, and (2) I lack imagination.


  2. Given that I've yet to find a slipped bead that looked like the screws would even move, I'm not sure many people found the need for them! But hey, you never know, do you? :)


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