Thursday, September 06, 2007


First up - still got until midnight to enter your name into the draw for an LV catalogue. At the moment it's hardly worth getting the hat out...

Secondly, a truth I had momentarily forgotten when I boasted of only clean saws chez Alf. Viz:

Those whom the tool gods wish to destroy they first let boast that they're getting on top of the whole tool cleaning situation and than - wham. They put some more across their path that simply can't be ignored.

Okay, so as aphorisms go it doesn't exactly flow, but by gum, it seems to be born out time and again. Took a little tour into that southerly bump of Great Britain called "The Lizard" and came away with one or two items. Can't really even justify most of these as "users" 'cos many are a tiny bit specialised. House points for the clever person to "name that trade" - I think there are clues enough. My money's on BugBear to get it...

Only had a cursory look so far but already it looks like the Preston Clump still has legs. Can a Clump have legs...? Well you know what I mean.


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