Friday, September 21, 2007


Some progress. Painfully slow progress, but progress none the less. The drill press is back in operational condition, the cupboard got another reprieve and the drawer slides are fitted in the base unit. Oh, and some of the boxes had to make way for larger things as I feared.

'Course half the stuff that already had a home is now in the Wrong Place. The drilling stuff is miles away from the drill press, a sharpening spot has to be decided on and somewhere to be able to use the grinder, well you get the idea.

What really drives me nuts is the fiddly bits. The jobs that don't notice when they're done, but if they're not done they're a constant irritation. Take the back of what we must now call the "lathe cupboard". For longer than I can recall its had an upstand at the back to prevent things rolling off the back and into oblivion. All well and good, I thought, I can screw that to the wall for extra rigidity. Hah. Muggins here totally failed to remember that the wall curves out at the bottom and you can't get any base unit within about 4" of the wall. Well great; nothing can roll off but any number of things can ping their way down that gaping chasm (and you just know it'll be something vital like the chuck key...) not to mention the fire hazard of the shavings build-up behind there. So I have to take out time to find a suitable bit of ply, scribe and cut a fillet and find means to attach it twixt cupboard and wall, all the while clambering over various homeless items that are all, universally, sitting in front of, or on top of whatever tool or drawer I need to get to do the job. All told it probably took three-quarters of an hour. Lovely, isn't it? No, I didn't think so either...

In the comments Paul declares I have "too much stuff". Reckon he's in the mood to state the bleedin' obvious... ;) Anyway, while he's 100% correct, it's not 100% of the problem. Half the problem is the crappy use I'm making of the space available, and unfortunately changing that is just one long, horrible fidddly bit. :(

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  1. Sorry, Alf, it was a bit obvious - not trying to teach you to suck eggs, honest. Anyway, looks like you're making good progress:)


    Paul Chapman


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