Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Limited edition

S'funny thing, coincidence; got two unconnected emails today assuming I had a Lee Valley Veritas small plough in my hot little hands. No, folks, not so. Had a hot little prototype in my hands, the pictures of which will go great on my LV plough plane page in 30 years time, but not seen the real deal. Must admit if I did I'd find it hard not to, well not exactly review it, but comment. Trouble is really it'd be a comment on ploughs generally I think, and a bit unfair on LV, so just as well I can't even be tempted. Bad enough resisting the call of the anniversary plane, quite frankly. Not that I want it, or have any desire for an edge trimming plane at all, but as you see the limited number ticking away as members on various fora say they've ordered, well it gets to you. And thus the Franklin Mint was born... ;)

Anyway a break from the tools today 'cos I've left this a bit late and kick off in the England vs. Russia game is at 8, but you may amuse yourselves with deciding if you want saws, boring, measuring or shaving tools next. I'll spare you the files and frankly I'm inclined to spare myself the assorted pliers and spanners... (wrenches, 'Murrican reader)


  1. Can we have the boring tools next, please, Alf? Next to chisels, they're my favourites but they often tend to be neglected.


  2. Nothing against boring tools, really -- I just tend to nod off when the subject comes up. ;) Shaving tools would be better for me, for what little it's worth.


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