Monday, October 29, 2007

Groovy weekend

You know that cup slipping I mentioned on Thursday? Erm, sorry... It's not as though I spent my weekend idly swinging my heels and gazing into space (no, that was last weekend...). Me? No! I was slaving away like a, well, slave. You should see the number of odd bits of wood with grooves in that now decorate the workshop. It's like the opening of a Grooves-R-Us Megastore, I tells ya. No, 'tis the nuts and bolts of getting pics sorted and words into being that I'd forgotten takes time. Out of practice. But look, some proof - see all those grooves?

I'm all grooved out. My fingers are grooved to the bone. My brow has ploughed furrows with the effort, dammit. That and, naturally, I have a rear tote issue.

Plus ce change...


  1. Alf, I take it you're giving a thumbs up on the plough plane...looks like I'll be adding that to my Christmas wish list. : )

  2. I suddenly have the feeling I need to start using phrases like "far out" and saying "yeah man" a addition to ways of using some form of groove, groovy, in the groove.

    So tell us, what do you really think of the tote? [g]

    Looking foward to reading all about it after the hands (and brow) heal...

    Take care, Mike


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