Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Little Dalek

Just in case anyone was wondering if the mess in the workshop could really be that bad, you may decide for yourself. Yeah, so you can see the floor, but only if you allow for the layer of sawdust... Looks like an Olde Worlde butcher's shop floor, like I can just about recall from my extreme youth.

The remedy obviously lies in the "shop vac", aka My Little Dalek - so-called partially because of its distressing tendency to topple over on anything but a dead flat surface. It doesn't say "Exterminate" as far as I know, which frankly is a disappointment. On the plus side there doesn't seem to be any great desire to conquer the human race either; you win some, you lose some. The trouble is, unlike its namesakes, it does tend to make rather a noise and I just can't face donning the old ear defenders and stopping every two minutes to pick the poor thing from its prostrate positon, wheels spinning all in vain. Its wheels, not mine. So I continue on my well-known course of "prevarication before everything". I'm not proud.

Somewhere under there is the workbench. I hope it's well and happy...


  1. At least if you dig down you can at least use your bench. Mine has suffered a separated shoulder which is really rather unhelpful.

  2. If it's any consolation, Alf, I also hate it when I try to tidy up my workshop (or more accurately, garage/workshop/repository for all those things my wife thinks will come in useful one day, but never do, so I end up taking them down the dump when she's not looking). I always seem to have enough junk left over to fill another garage:(


    Paul Chapman

  3. /yoda Need more storage,you do. /yoda

    I'd get shot of that fancy panel-clamping doohickey on yon wall. You could put a fair-sized set of cupboards there!

    In more serious vein, if you have the readies for an upgrade, I can heartily recommend the Fein vacuum cleaners as shop vacs. Never need ear-defenders with mine - one of my 'best buys' in setting up shop.

    I do like that tool tote on the bench. Has that been written up?

    Pete (one of those bustling about the valley, trying to maintain an air of normality, cheery whistle an optional extra)

  4. Pete, concerning the fancy panel-clamping doohickey, you offering re-homing facilities of summat? 'Cos you're so outta luck... ;-) The tool tote is the one where I had a brain fart over angled dovetails. Ironically if I'd stuck with my original plan of splaying it only one way I'd a) have avoided the whoops, and b) I think it would have been more user-friendly. Every day's a learning opportunity - unfortunately...

    Mike, separated shoulder? Ouch. I'd be glad it's the bench and not me, quite honestly.


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