Friday, October 12, 2007


So the Greenslade sash fillister, for such it is. The very keen might have added that a previous owner was "T T Cocking" and he seemed inclined not to lose it judging by the number of times he stamped his name on the blessed thing. The body and fence arms are beech, but you'd have had to be a bit daring to risk saying the fence itself is boxwood, although the fine moulding and lack of grain might have encouraged the bold. One wedge has lost it's head and will need replacing, but no way could you have known that the substantial boxing was loose. Anway, with a bit of TLC and wax the transformation from grey ghost on the bottom shelf here to generator of rebates is complete:

Now all I need to do is remember why I was convinced owning a sash fillister was a Good Thing. Seem to recall a certain saw maker may have done the initial convincing...?

Also tackled the irons on a few others including the hideous Franken-rebate (that still ain't a looker, but sings its way through the wood satisfactorily enough), a rather basic Emir grooving plane (sometimes known in modern parlance as a "drawer bottom plane") and the Preston shave. The latter is, I fear, beyond redemption so a decision will have to be made on acquiring a replacement iron. It's turning into one of those "my grandfather's axe" tools, isn't it? Replaced the head and replaced the handle but it's still my grandfather's axe...

On the plumbing front we now have a new pipe all fixed up and working and Vic says (slightly thankfully, I thought) that we won't need to worry about it again for 50 years. We might worry about the hole in the bottom of the wall and the forecast rain this weekend, but that's up to us and as far as plumbing is concerned he was outta here PDQ.

And finally, for anyone wondering about the state of the villagers in the valley, well I can see some visitors have already noticed the link to a fresh valley and have gone to take a look. Is it a valley in which to hew wood unto the umpteenth generation? I know not. But my house is safely in another valley completely and I'm willing to see how fresh pastures suit.


  1. Ah, she is a beaut now! I rather had doubts about its transformation a grey beast to its current beauty.


  2. "Replaced the head and replaced the handle...." made me chuckle, Alf. Did you ever see Trigger in Only Fools talking to Dellboy and Rodney about his broom?

    The new valley seems much more relaxed and comfortable in my view.


    Paul Chapman

  3. Hi Alf

    Good to see your house settled in a new valley. I for one will always be interested to see what you're fettling.



  4. Having visted your new valley it seems a very sad place full of villagers whining on about the old habitation - they must be still nostalgic about it? There are also others who seem to have a foot in both camps though some are there in disguise!
    I am suprised that somebody with your sensitivities can find it pleasant there especially with vilagers with names like pigeonarse!!

  5. Talking of disguise, Anonymous...

    I think you'll find that the vast majority did not want to leave and did all they could to resolve the situation. And it's not the folks who think having "arse" in their names is funny who managed to alienate long-serving forum members of long-standing, is it? Do I like it? No, I do not. But I consider the situation elsewhere to be considerably less-palatable, however nice the language it's wrapped up in.


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