Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ad Campaign

Further to yesterdays matchlessness, a little more from the MAC catalogue, April 1927. Tempted to scan every single picture in the front pages of same; everything from the handful of sturdy moustachioed gentlemen representing The Staff in 1908 vs. The Considerable Ranks of The Staff in 1926, to the stockroom full of nothing but bathtubs. But confined myself to the departments likely to be of most interest to the potential time-travelling reader.

Is that a fine display of hooks, screws, nails, etc on the end of that fitment? Don't you just long to distract the gentlemen behind the counter, skip over same, and have a prolonged rifle through those shelves of stock? I'll hold your hat.

Right, I'll take a treadle grindstone, one of those lathes, a mortising machine... Delivery? I think that may be a problem, but I have my own transport. Yes, it's that one with the whirly wheel device on the back. Yes, that's right, the one parked in front of the dress shop.

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  1. Why put the heavy tool store in the loft? Think of the stairs! A cruel joke on the Porter I'd say.


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