Monday, December 03, 2012


Day three and already I'm wondering how soon I'm going to fail miserably in this self-imposed challenge, and miss a day of posting. But that day will not be today, for whilst perusing the notes on the tools I bought from Mr A, I was reminded of one of particular interest that I don't think I ever properly bored anyone with before. Here's a teaser:

Now I know you folks; you want more. More! But the countdown to Crimbo is all about anticipation, kiddies. Plus I've finally finished a fascinating tome entitled Teasing Tool Junkies on The Interweb; A Expert's Guide from Lee Valley and want to advance beyond just theory... So tune in tomorrow.

Or maybe Wednesday, depending on how how soon I'm going to fail miserably etc.


  1. Keep going Alf, it's like a advent calendar for toolies :)

  2. Alf,
    You have started so you have to finish!
    Is good to see you writing again, I look forward to reading interesting stuff every evening again.


  3. Well....

    You've got me hooked!

    Surprised I missed the re-launch by four days too....

    Go Alf Go!

    TTFN -



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