Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cherry ripe, take two

Finally got round to tackling the 6m of 1" cherry boards and do some initial stock prep. I looked at them from all angles for the best figure and so forth, but it helpfully worked out that it was just as effective to chop them all in half before machining as anything; so I did. One was pretty warped, and covered in globs of the paint used to seal the ends, so to clean up the worst I used the scrub in anger for the first time. My goodness, but that plane takes off a lot of wood in a hurry.

I also took pics of dashing round the P/T feeding the boards in and out; terribly boring stuff that no-one ever bothers to take pictures of. That and the progress of a board after each pass over the planer. I dunno; they might be helpful or whatever for anyone who's not familiar with the P/T maybe? I know it was the mundane stuff that always puzzled me when I was very new to woodworking. Anyway, click on the pic if you want to see it all so far, or you need a quick cure for insomnia...

In other news, I managed to foul up the drilling of the blade post holes for the spokeshave kit that's gonna get a curved sole. Must have been all of 0.5mm out... Grrrr. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the fact I took so much trouble over them to get it right. So I need to dig out another likely blank. Sigh. I suppose it is worth it...?

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