Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wanted: An intercostal clavicle

Well I don't see that I can keep up this pace for much longer, but, yep, I've been in the workshop again! Ran a couple of the walnut boards through the P/T; not for any particular project, just to have them ready to go when the mood strikes. I dunno. Call myself a neander? All this planer thicknesser stuff. 'Tis shameful... Anyway, one of them was pretty sappy, and one end was more than a bit waney on the edge, so I lopped that off, trimmed it up, planed it square with the #5 1/2 (gotta love that plane, with its carbon steel Hock blade...) and had another shot at the spokeshave. In connection with that, I wonder if you can guess what the wotsit below is for?

Just for the novelty, the holes were in the right place and everything, so I'm all set for the big departure from the instructions when I try out a round sole. Just waiting on getting some bone now, and then I can really mess it up... Also got round to putting a higher angle on the spare shoulder plane blade, but I've not really had a chance to test it yet so I need to get round to that at some point. Tsk, the life of a research woodworker is all go, ain't it? :~)

In case you're wondering, "intercostal clavicle" is a reference to the film "Bringing Up Baby". A good deal of the film is spent with Cary Grant's character going round looking for it (to complete his Brontosaurus skeleton), muttering "My bone? Where's my bone?" etc etc. As I'm also held up by the lack of a bone, it seemed appropriate. You'd probably have to have seen the film before you laugh, but it's worth it. The great screwball comedy of the '30s.

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  1. Going for another Shave, eh? Nice one!
    Look forward to seeing how this comes out,


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