Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dem bones, dem bones, dem...

.. dry bones.

Quite why it should come as a surprise to me, I don't know, but bone is hard. And dusty. And smelly. Unfortunately the smell makes me feel a little nauseaous, which adds an extra dimension of difficulty I hadn't anticipated. Never mind, progress is being made - slowly; and it files and sands like a really good, tight-grained hardwood. The bone "plate" is now glued in with epoxy and I'll leave it to set overnight. After that a certain amount of shaping of the sole is going to be required, and I feel cheating and using a belt sander coming on. Did I mention how hard bone is? Well it is. And the old Eclipse hacksaw let me down repeatedly while I was trying to saw it so the cut was all over the place. Its days are numbered...

1 comment:

  1. I made a bone nut for my guitar-made the mistake of using my Dremel to shape it. The SMELL!!!!!!
    I found a scraper made light work of cleaning it up, and left a nice finish too.
    Hope it helps,
    Philly (who can still smell that disgusting smell!)


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