Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I seem to have about a billion different ideas and current crazes buzzing about in my head at the moment. First there's the travisher hunt, which has yielded Dick Fine Tools as a European stockist for the Harris one, Ray Iles' converted #151 spokeshave, lots of speculation about LN and LV ones, Bristol Design and the LN convex-soled block plane tossed into the mix.

The arrival, at last, of December's PWW prompted more serious consideration of that one. Chris Schwarz seems to like it for chair seats, but he likes a shallow seat apparently. And he's got other tools to plug the gap if necessary. But on the other hand it is a very cute plane, and I like it greatly. Reason enough some might argue, but I'm not just going to plunge into a tool-buying frenzy without really serious consideration first.

And then I'll plunge into a tool-buying... okay, just kidding.

Meanwhile I haven't yet ordered JB's book - I found myself on the eternal quest for speed of delivery and low cost, couldn't achieve both and eventually simply didn't make up my mind at all. Maybe I'll just bung Mike H the necessary lettuce, and risk the danger of it being oh-so-easy to add the Cosman drawer DVD at the same time... 'Course he has the LN block too... Hell, I thought I might at least make it to the end of January before shattering my resolution. The music stand would make a ton more sense...

Meanwhile I'm still dallying with tool cabinet thoughts, planning not one, but two articles, wondering whether to just order some wood while I still have the money (although not the storage room), and vaguely thinking about half-back saws and whether I should be encouraging Mike in his new venture - purely in the spirit of research. If he could just call them "books" or "planks" instead of "saws" and thus by connotation
"tools", it'd be a start...

Oh, and I'd like to make a saw vice, mitre jack, spokeshave using the Hock blade, chair devil (just 'cos they look so cool), something for the Easter Galoot to send to my Galootaclaus and a saw till to preserve the LN dovetail saw and Disstons; clean and sharpen two out of three of aforementioned Disstons, clean the #4.5, #10, two handgrinders, about 3000 chisels and gouges and the treadle wheel I've had for about three years and still has the rust it came with; finally try the hide glue, seriously consider making my bro the chess set he's been asking for for the last 10 years in time for his birthday in October, decide if and which toolshow to try and get to in lieu of Axminster and try to get to grips with using an axe.


I tell you, my rate of actually doing stuff would really improve if I didn't have to spend so much time trying to decide what to do next.


  1. You know, once you break the vow of no tool purchases, I can help you encourage me [g]...

    All that cleaning reminds me of the busyness that someone goes through when they try to quite smoking or drinking [g].

    Good thing you have a bunch of stuff to clean. Just think of the money you might have when the wait is over if you even sell some...

    Check you email...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Sell some? SELL SOME!? Are you trying to push me over the edge here, Mike? :~P

  3. Looking like a busy year then Alf. Would like to see the chess set (and the chair) if you manage to get out form under that rust


  4. Ray Iles' converted #151 spokeshave

    Feh. Car boot #151 and grinder.


  5. Feh yourself :~P I'd have to find a #151 first. And then take a working tool and potentially ruin it - which despite voyages in tapping isn't really my forte.


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