Thursday, January 19, 2006

No reason to worry

My inbox has been suffering from a rash of emails with unlovely attachments just recently; yes, I'm afraid it's suffering from a chronic case of worms. Avast! bless it's little programming, has caught everything with aplomb, but the way it does it just cracks me up. A bright yellow banner with dire red warning flashes up along the bottom of the screen, accompanied by loud "woooooo-wooooooo" siren noise and stentorian voice proclaims "Caution! A virus has been detected". Kinda like the way you'd expect an alien power to let you know the world was about to be blown up to make way for an inter-galatic highway; nothing personal, but you're doomed. After all this, and the poor sap sitting in front of the 'puter (me) jumping out of their skin and looking urgently for the nearest bunker, a small and rather insignificant window pops up. It's first words are:

There is no reason to worry though.

Heaven knows what it would have done if it was trying to worry me...

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