Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In the Psychiatrist's Chair

I maligned Amazon's delivery speed; The Chairmaker's Workshop has landed. Wowsers, it's certainly at the opposite end of the scale to JB's in detail terms. I think I need to try and aim to fall between - wait for it, I worked on this one and it may show - the two stools of thought. Gettit? Stools? Chairs? Stools of thought? Schools of th- Oh, never mind... First thing to do is erase from my memory the bit where it says make a stool first 'cos Windsors are too complicated for a first chair. Ha hum. I must not over-analyse this, I must not over-analyse this...

For those persons who'd have me grind my own travisher from a spokeshave instead of breaking my New Year's resolution and buying someone else's act of vandalism (other means to do that have been suggested instead ), I notice DL suggests the same thing in a foot note (right after the directions on how to forge your own blade and make your own wooden body - yeah, right. I need another learning curve like a hole in the head...) But can I really take grinder to currently working tool? I have a strong feeling only if I'm sloshed, and naturally I wouldn't dream of going near the workshop in that condition, so that'd
probably be a "no" then.

The writing, meanwhile, stalls like a Dagenham Dustbin. I think my essential trouble is proposing a subject that encompasses enough information for about three separate articles supplementary to the main event. This is a Bad Thing. Plus I keep finding I haven't taken quite the picture I need for what I want to write, so I'm darting to and fro from 'puter to workshop and back again like a honey bee on a nectar rush. Sorry? What? What was that I was saying? Oh yeah, I must not over-analyse this. Fair point.

Finally, I would congratulate someone, but I don't want to risk stealing their thunder. So just leave it at congrats, and I'll reveal all when I can. By which time you'll probably know already anyway... Why is it I seem to end up being told things that I can't tell anyone about until everyone'll know about them anyway? It's ever so slightly frustrating. Not in a big way, but, you know, just irritates a tad. I'll just vent my feelings about it for a moment, if you'll indulge me.

Okay, all done.


  1. "two stools of thought"!!! You need punishing for that ;)
    Amazed the book turned up so fast-so there's just about enough there to keep you going, eh? It's not a bad read. Makes me want to buy a farm and make my own Windsors, though. Well, maybe not yet......

  2. Just think of sanding all those spindles, Philly. That's should keep you from buying the farm...

    So Alf. Go ahead. Just buy the dang things. It's not like you don't have a purpose. A real purpose [g].

    If it makes you fell better, donate or sell a couple tools to someone or some orginisation. Surely the gods in charge of Tools and Vows would approve...


  3. I believe it's possible to make a Windsor type chair without the need to buy a farm, Phil. Unless you're just looking for an excuse for a another new tool...? ;~)

    Mike, you've now got me thinking about sanding all those spindles... Whimper. Thinking about it, wouldn't the competition prizes count as donating tools? But no, I must try to be strong.


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