Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dovetail downturn

All that dovetail practice last, gone to waste. I thought I'd do a refresher joint, and it was not good. The LN saw wasn't to blame though; cut beautifully. It confirms me in my view that I just waste my time trying tools at shows. Everything's too different; the wood, the bench height, the atmosphere, everything. It doesn't help decide on a tool purchase at all. Or maybe I've just been hopelessly spoilt by all the tool trying in the comfort of my own workshop...

Other than that poor excuse for a dovetail joint, the rest of my potential woodworking time has been taken up preparing for the launch of the competition on the forum. Despite thinking I knew it was a bundle of work, it's not until you do it again that you remember all the blasted details. Or in my case, forget them! It's my own fault for leaving it so late. Oh well, I daresay it's set up enough to get started; and there's three months to organise myself in until the closing date.

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